Unlimited ViolinHubs, Events, Orchestra & VS Membership

Save time and money with a TERM PASS at ViolinSchool London. The Term Pass gives you unlimited access to ViolinHubs and other events, including the Violin Orchestra (or equivalent events during the New Year term).

Term Passes are £300 and are available for booking until the start of term. The Term Pass now includes full ViolinSchool membership so you'll have full access to the whole digital library and all eLearning resources too!

The Term Pass saves you the hassle of booking classes and events individually. You'll be automatically registered for all ViolinHubs and Violin Orchestras when you buy the pass - there's nothing else to do, except play the violin!

TERM PASS - Summer 2021

ViolinSchool London

Book a Term Pass

T: 020 3051 0080 

E: [email protected]

Term Pass is £300 and is only available until the start of term
If you've got any questions about the Term Pass, just give us a call on 020 3051 0080 or email [email protected].

The Term Pass now includes:

  • All ViolinHub Saturday Course D and E Sessions (2.15pm to 3.45pm)
  • All ViolinHub Saturday Ensemble Sessions (4.15pm to 6pm)
  • The Violin Orchestra Christmas Project (4 rehearsals plus concert)
  • All Participation costs for the Christmas Concert on Saturday 7th December
  • All Sheet Music for the Orchestra and the Ensembles
  • 3 months of Full ViolinSchool Membership - access ALL digital courses and library resources on ViolinSchool.com at no extra cost.
  • Repeat participation in Course C/D/E sessions as required
Book a Term Pass