A Holistic Approach

The benefits of learning music at a young age include increased confidence, listening, coordination and social skills. There are numerous studies which prove the benefits of early years music education, and we know from experience that the opportunity to experience high quality music making at a very young age, can have a profound positive impact later in life.

It's with this belief in mind that we are introducing the ViolinSchool Children's Courses, which integrate ViolinSchool's renowned curriculum (as used in our Adult Beginner Courses and online learning), with the very best of the Musicland Approach, developed over three decades by Caroline Lumsden.

ViolinSchool and Musicland share an aim of providing a holistic, all-round music education that empowers children to become highly accomplished creative musicians, able to participate in music making at any level. Children gain a life-long love of music, and make many friends through the social opportunities that arise from making music together.

The ViolinSchool Children's Courses achieve this by taking children on a musical journey that begins with early singing and rhythm games, continues with deep aural, theoretical and technical development, and leads to high-level technical and performance training if desired. 

We believe that children learn about rhythm, singing and movement most effectively through imaginative play, adventure, action songs and dance, so we're focused on creating an environment that's enjoyable and fun. 

When learning feels like play, it never stops!

Dates, Fees & Course Details

Course Times for January 2022

Saturday Mornings in Pimlico or via Zoom, with Marisol Hillier
9.15am to 9.45am Early Years Music - (3 to 5 years) - coming soon!
10am to 10.45am Course A - (5 to 7+ years)
11am to 11.45am Course B - (6 to 8+ years)

Thursday Practice Sessions via Zoom with Simon Hewitt Jones
(optional but highly recommended - classes are recorded for replay if you cannot attend live)
4pm to 4.30pm Course A - (5 to 7+ years)
4.30pm to 5pm Course B - (6 to 8+ years)


Course Dates
The New Year Term (January to March 2022) runs on these dates/times:

  • Saturday 8th January - Fundamentals (Introductory Sessions) 
  • Week 1: Saturday 15th January (& Thursday 13th)
  • Week 2: Saturday 22nd January (& Thursday 20th)
  • Week 3: Saturday 29th January (& Thursday 27th)
  • Week 4: Saturday 5th February (& Thursday 3rd)
  • Week 5: Saturday 12th February (& Thursday 10th)
  • Half Term - Saturday 19th February - No Sat or Thurs Classes - Fundamentals (Introductory) sessions only
  • Week 6: Saturday 26th February (& Thursday 24th)
  • Week 7: Saturday 5th March (& Thursday 3rd)
  • Week 8: Saturday 12th March (& Thursday 10th)
  • Week 9: Saturday 19th March (& Thursday 17th)
  • Week 10: Saturday 26th March (& Thursday 24th)
  • End of Term - Saturday 2nd April - Easter Concert (Late morning rehearsal, afternoon performance)

Course Venue
Saturday instructional classes take place at ViolinSchool's Saturday School, which is hosted at Pimlico Academy in Central London (SW1), approximately 5 minutes walk from Pimlico Tube station. Directions and full address will be provided to you after registration. Saturday classes can be attended remotely via Zoom if you are unable to attend in person.

Thursday practice sessions take place via Zoom. You will be given a Zoom code each month to access these classes. All Saturday (instructional) and Thursday (practice) sessions are available for video replay until the end of term.

Course Fee
The course fee (Course A onwards) is £200 per child per term, which includes most course materials. For a second child from the same family, this is reduced by £25. A further reduction for early enrolment / re-enrolment is usually available before the start of each term.

ViolinSchool believes that income should not be a barrier to learning music. Where capacity allows, we will try to help locate funding for learners who are not otherwise able to afford to study at ViolinSchool, subject to availability. Please ask us for further details about bursaries at the time of your registration.

Registration is now open for the ViolinSchool Children's Courses!

New Introductory Classes available in January 2022!



 January to March 2022 

Book Now: Term Begins on 10th January 2022
Introductory Sessions on 8th January.  Get in touch today for more information!  
T: 020 3051 0080 E: [email protected] 
Earlybird Rates! Save £25 when you enrol during November 2021.

Caroline Lumsden (Course Leader) has spent three decades creating and developing music schools and string instrument training programs for younger learners, including the Junior Strings program for Trinity School of Music, and several music academies. 

She’s recognised worldwide as a leading educator of young string players. Her unique ‘Musicland’ training approach draws on disciplines similar to those of Kodaly, Dalcroze, and Suzuki, and her insights provide a uniquely creative, proven approach that's generated outstanding results again and again with children of all ages and levels..

In the 1980s, Caroline, started music publishing company Musicland Publications, which is now managed here at ViolinSchool, supplying printed and digital music books to young learners around the world.

Give Your Child the Best Possible Start on the Violin!

Saturday morning Music and Violin Classes in Pimlico, for Children Aged 5 to 8 Years Old

Any Questions?

Call us on 020 3051 0080 or email [email protected]

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January to March 2022

Simon Hewitt Jones (Tutor & Director, ViolinSchool) has worked as a professional violinist in pretty much every style of performance - from sessions at Abbey Road, to solo appearances on radio and TV (including a recent solo CD with the Royal Ballet Sinfonia), to orchestral playing, to string quartets and chamber music on the international festival circuit, and all sorts of weird and wonderful projects in between. 

Simon is Caroline's nephew and, as a child, he learnt violin through an early form of her 'Musicland' system. As a father to two young children, he's learning first hand about the musical needs of younger learners (and parents!), and is excited to merge together ViolinSchool's renowned violin curriculum with a specialist program of children's learning!

Marisol Hillier (Tutor) biography coming soon!

Course Designer:


Introductory Music Course (3-5 years old)
Introductory Music Course (3 to 5 years) coming 2022

Sequenced Violin Courses (5-13 years old)
Course A - (5 to 7+)
Course B - (6 to 8+)
Course C - (7 to 9+) coming 2022
Course D - (8 to 10+) coming 2023
Course E - (9 to 11+) coming 2024
Course F - (10 to 12+) coming 2024
Courses G & H - (11 to 13+) coming 2025
Courses I & J - (12 to 14+)  coming 2025

How Your Child Will Learn

Through our early years training (Introductory Music Class), children learn to read and write music from a very young age by associating musical notes with different characters, who have adventures in a magical, musical world!

This helps many children to read music even before they are able to read books ... which gives them a wonderful confidence and strong musical ability by the time they start learning an instrument. Most children trained will then be able to start playing the violin at age 5, having already had substantial singing and rhythm training.

Throughout the sequence of ViolinSchool's courses and curriculum, your child will always be learning music first, violin second. They'll build their violin-playing skills from a musical perspective, so that their techique is always developed in the service of expressive communication and musical performance (rather than just for the sake of achieving arbitrary goals).

How We Teach Your Children

We'll help your child to become an accomplished musician, by teaching them the language of music - rhythm, pitch, and sound (and note-reading!) - through the development of seven skills:

Listening, Moving, Clapping, 
Singing, Reading, Writing & Playing

Through a comprehensive mix of Aural, Physical, Intellectual and Physical activities, young learners develop:

  • Aural skills, through listening and responding
  • A sense of Beat, through movement
  • Rhythm recognition, through Clapping games
  • An understanding of musical Dynamics, through singing and signing
  • The ability to Express themselves, through reading and writing music
  • A sense of Fun, through creating and performing their own rhymes and tunes
  • A Good Grounding in sound instrumental and performance techniques

Through the Musicland techniques that we integrate into the classes, they learn:

  • a strong understanding of rhythm from Musicland Time Names
  • a secure sense of pitch through Musicland Note Names and Curwen Hand Signs
  • an ability to read and create music with the Musicland Characters
  • a sound theoretical and instrumental technique through Musicland Training

A Complete Violin Course for Young Learners

ViolinSchool is delighted to re-introduce our Children's Courses in London!  The program starts with an introductory music course for 3-5 year olds*, which is followed by a sequenced curriculum for learners aged 5 to 8 years and beyond. No prior experience is required!

*launches 2022

ViolinSchool's renowned Children's Violin Course takes place on Saturday mornings in Pimlico (London SW1) for children up to the age of 8, and includes Thursday afteroon practice sessions via Zoom . 

In the future, the programs will be expanded for children up to the age of 11 (and eventually 13).

The classes will provide your child with a fun, exciting and sociable weekly music session, whilst giving them a thorough grounding in fundamental musical topics and techniques.

Course Structure

Our unique, sequenced curriculum allows learners to enter or leave the Children's Course at any point, depending on availability. Courses are not age-specific, however a child completing the whole program would generally start Course A aged about 5-7 years, Course B at the age of 6-8 years, etc. 

Therefore, first-time beginners joining the course at an older age may wish to combine private one to one lessons with entry at a later course level, in order to remain close to other learners of the same age range.

Course Curriculum

Each course consists of 30 weekly lessons (10 lessons per term over 3 terms). This curriculum overview is a high-level summary of the skills that your child will learn at each level.

Introductory Music Course (3-5 Years)

  • Rhythm Skills
  • Pitch
  • Sound
  • Singing

Course A  - (5 to 7+)

  • A Basic introduction to the violin
  • How to pluck the strings and play simple melodies
  • How to use the bow
  • Playing together with other people

Course B - (6 to 8+)

  • Play in time, in tune, with a good sound
  • How to play any melody fluently in the 1st position
  • Explore styles and bowing techniques
  • Develop performance and group playing experience

Curriculum for Course C onwards will be available soon.

Any Questions?

If you have any questions about the topics and skills that your child will learn, please give us a call on 020 3051 0080 or email [email protected], and we'll be delighted to talk you through the details of what your child will learn. In the meantime, here's a brief overview of the curriculum for the first levels of the course...


Introductory Class

All children are required to attend an Introductory Class prior to joining the Children's Course. This is so that we can carefully assess each child's needs, answer any questions you may have, check that your violin is set up right, and be sure that we are providing you with the best possible learning experience.

Introductory Classes take place prior to the start of each term. These are group sessions where your child will have a chance to meet our teachers and other children. The initial session will involve musical games, including rhythm and pitch games and the chance to make music together.

Once you have booked a date, we will confirm to you a start time within a 2-hour window for you to visit and meet our teachers (you will need to stay for approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour).

Course Tutors:

More specialist tutors will be joining us in 2022, and their biographies will be here!


Enrolment & Registration

If you have already attended an introductory class, or if you are re-enrolling your child as a continuing learner, then please use the 'enrol now' button to complete your registration online:

If your child is a new learner, or if you are new to ViolinSchool, please book and attend an introductory class first, before enrolling for the full course.