You are only 2 hours away from playing the violin!

You'll be playing the violin with a good sound after just one class! Come to ViolinSchool’s renowned Beginner Violin Class for Adults and discover how YOU can play the violin!


A Perfect Introduction to the Violin

Our half-day Beginner Violin Class gives adult learners the best possible start in learning how to play the violin. It’s suitable for both first-time beginners and also as a ‘refresher’ for people who’ve played before (e.g. as a child) and want to come back to the violin.


We’ll teach you the key principles of how to move your body in a way that allows you to make a beautiful sound on the violin.


We’ll help you understand how to apply technical principles to the music itself, by exploring rhythm, pitch and sound on the violin.


We’ll talk about the basics of performing on the violin, and you’ll play a piece of music together with the other students before you leave!

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Phone: 020 3051 0080
Email: [email protected]


No class in your region? Please email [email protected] to request a Beginner Violin Class in your city!

You don’t need to read music, and we can even lend you a violin to get started!

Q: Do I need to read music?
A: No, not for this class. We will usually cover very basic note-reading during the session.

Q: Do I need my own violin?
A: No, we’ll bring one for you to use. However, if you already have one that’s properly set up and ready to use, do bring it along!

Q: I’ve got a violin but I’m not sure it’s set up right?
A: Then bring it with you, but be prepared to use one of our violins, just in case there’s a problem that takes too long to solve on the day of the session. Try and get to the class a few minutes early so we have time to set it up properly for you.

Q: How many people are there in each class?
A: Usually between 3 and 9. To make sure everyone gets plenty of individual attention, we generally keep classes to a maximum of 10 learners. At busy times of year, if we have more than 9 learners in a class, then we will have either a second tutor or a teaching assistant present to help tune violins, answer questions, etc.

Q: What comes after the Beginner Violin Class?
A: The Beginner Violin Class leads directly on to our popular 10-Week Beginner Violin Course which runs three times a year (in three instalments - Course A, Course B and Course C). Once you've attended the Beginner Violin Class you'll have the option of joining Course A, which will give you all the foundational skills to play the violin well at a basic level. If you go on to Course B and C, you'll find that - within a year - you can play pretty much any simple melody fluently and beautifully on the violin! 

Q: How can I be sure that the Beginner Violin Class is any good?
A: Our director Simon Hewitt Jones developed the workshop as part of his research at the Royal Academy of Music, refining it over several years to create the quickest possible route to playing the violin in tune and in time with a good basic sound.

It works for everyone because it explains the most important 10 or so core principles of violin playing in a really simple way, without getting into the nitty gritty of complex violin technique. So you really can be playing the violin with a good basic sound in just 3 hours!

Q: I’ve never played the violin in my life / I’d love to try this but I’m a bit nervous…
A: Don’t worry at all. You’ll have a great time. Our tutors are really nice and they take the approach that ‘no question is too silly’. Everyone else at the class will be feeling the same as you! But after a couple of minutes, we’ll tell you everything you need to know. You don’t need any experience at all for this class!

Q: I’ve played the violin before. Is this for me?
A: If you played the violin only at beginner level (i.e. no higher than ABRSM exam grades 3-4) and have not touched it for several years, you’ll certainly benefit from the class – so please go ahead and book today! If you’ve played quite recently, or if you reached higher than ABRSM grade 4-5, then you’re probably better off having a couple of one to one lessons then joining one of our other courses. The best thing to do is to send us an enquiry and we’ll recommend the right class for you.

Q: What happens after the class / what do I do next?
A: Our 10-week Beginner Violin Course leads on directly from the 2-hour Beginner Violin Class. It's possible to join the 10-week course directly, without coming to the 2-hour class, as the same material is covered in weeks 1 & 2 (but in more detail). However, many people like to come to the 2-hour Beginner Violin Class first, to get to know our teaching style before joining the full course.

Your tutor will also explain about our eLearning programs and tell you about the other classes and events that we offer. Our Learning Advisory team will follow up with you by email to answer any questions and help guide you to the right learning program. If you're based in London, personal coaching is also available from ViolinSchool's Simon Hewitt Jones and David Worswick at their studio near Victoria Station.

Q: Where do I buy a violin?
A: After the class, our Learning Advisory team will follow up with you by email to help you find the most appropriate instrument to rent or buy. We will usually point you in the direction of a violin / strings shop in your region, or a general music retail shop. You can also find plenty of advice about finding a violin in our free online course, 'Get Set Up'.

Have a question that's not answered here? 
Give us a call on 020 3051 0080 or email [email protected] and we'll be very happy to advise you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Upcoming Dates & Locations



 LONDON – Monday 18th November, 6.30pm to 8.30pm – Area: Victoria, Central London

 LONDON – Saturday 14th December, 10am to 12pm – Area: Pimlico, Central London


 LONDON – Saturday 4th January, 11am to 1pm – Area: Pimlico, Central London

 LONDON – Saturday 11th January, 11am to 1pm – Area: Pimlico, Central London

 LONDON – Saturday 22nd February, 11am to 1pm – Area: Pimlico, Central London

 LONDON – Monday 23rd March, 6.30pm to 8.30pm – Area: Victoria, Central London

 LONDON – Saturday 18th April, 11am to 1pm – Area: Pimlico, Central London

We will be reopening our London school in late September 2020, and hope to re-introduce our Beginner Violin Class in October 2020, once all Covid-related risk assessments are complete at our venues.

In the meantime, the online version of this class is available every week at 5pm on Thursdays - click here for more information, and to get started straight away!


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It's time to get started playing the violin! 

We offer a 100% money-back guarantee on all ViolinSchool classes.

If for any reason at all you decide that the Beginner Class is not for you, just let us know by the first break of the day, and we will refund your registration fee in full.

Hear us on BBC Radio!

Here's what happened when ViolinSchool's Simon Hewitt Jones visited BBC World Service Radio to teach presenter Julian Marshall how to play the violin...

If Julian can do it, so can you! Read on to learn about how the magic happens...


We’ll show you how to practise the violin to get better and better. You’ll leave the class knowing exactly what to do next to get the sounds you want.

What you'll learn at the Beginner Violin Class

The Beginner Violin Class will give you clarity about the fundamental principles you need to know in order to play the violin well. You'll learn about:

Sample Class Schedule

11:00am – Welcome: Meet your tutor and your fellow students, get set up, and prepare the violin for the beginning of the class.

11:15am – Warm up session & Basic Techniques: The Body, Breathing, How to Hold the Violin & Bow, Building Checklists

12:00pm – The Musical Principles: Rhythm, Pitch & Sound. Good Rhythm, correct Pitch and beautiful Sound – plus physical freedom and ease – are the core building blocks of good violin playing. Once you get these concepts, you’re on the road to success!

12.30pm – How To Practise: Tragically overlooked by many teachers, the art of How To Practise is an essential skill for violin-playing success, and one that you should master from your first day as a violinist. In the third hour we'll bring everything together and start to prepare a piece of music together - and perform it, before the end of the class!

1:00pm – End Time to leave! But if you are at this point completely thrilled about playing violin (and be warned – that’s quite likely!), you’ll have plenty of time to ask questions afterwards!

How It Works

The class is designed so that you learn intuitively – similar to how a child would learn a language. 

During each hour, we’ll cover a small but critical number of tasks (both technical and musical), and we’ll repeat them really efficiently until you have completely internalised them and they feel really natural for you to do.

What They Say

“I enjoyed the whole day. Thank you very much! Re-familiarizing myself with my violin, starting at scratch and going over the fundamentals… I just loved soaking it all in and the emphasis on the checklist before you start playing – posture etc. I’ve been trying to stand up straight ever since!”

- Leela, Violin Student

About the Beginner Violin Class

ViolinSchool’s Beginner Violin Class was developed by renowned British violinist Simon Hewitt Jones, Director of ViolinSchool, as part of his research at the Royal Academy of Music. 

We’ve been running the class for many years now, and it never fails to get people really excited about the violin. You too can leave after just two hours, being able to:

  • play a tune on the violin
  • know all the strings
  • give a confident performance
  • make a good sound
  • play music with other people
  • know what to do next!

Update September 2020: We hope to reopen our London school from 23rd September, and re-introduce the offline Beginner class from late October. 

The Beginner Violin Course A *will* restart on 23rd/26th September, details here:

In the meantime, the online version of this class is available every week at 5pm on Thursdays - click here for more information, and to get started straight away!