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The World Has Changed, and So Have We

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Hello and Welcome to Autumn Term 2020 at ViolinSchool London!

As we look ahead to the rest of 2020, it’s obvious we’ll be returning to a very different world to the one we knew before March of this year.

So first of all, if you took part in the summer term, may I say a big THANK YOU to you for your flexibility and open mindedness.

It’s allowed us to use online classes and remote collaboration to keep going through the term with very little disruption, and it’s been great to see everyone develop and progress just as much as usual - if not even more so!

Autumn 2020

I’m pleased to let you that registration has opened for Summer and Autumn tuition, and we'll be gradually re-introducing our London program of events and workshops too.

Obviously we’ve had to make a few changes to how we do things, so I'd like to quickly explain the differences you’ll notice as we get back to a new routine.

Hybrid Learning

One of the biggest changes for the London part of ViolinSchool is that all our tuition is now going to be offered in a 'hybrid' format.

That means that everything except for our ensemble sessions will now be available digitally as well as physically, so you can attend classes remotely OR in person.

We’ll be providing an upgraded audio stream, multiple camera angles, and limited time replays for you to catch up on classes during the week.

This approach has a few advantages:

Firstly, it means we're Coronavirus-proofed. If there’s a second wave or another lockdown, or if you find yourself having to self-isolate, then you can seamlessly continue attending classes online, without any disruption to your learning.

Secondly, it gives you much more convenience and flexibility. If your train is cancelled, or you’re away travelling for work or on holiday, or you just want to repeat a class, you can now attend sessions from anywhere.

Weekly Zoom Sessions

I know how much everyone is looking forward to playing music together again, in the same physical space. Just think how thrilling it’ll be to share an accelerando once again!

But at the same time, I think it would be a shame to lose the benefits of online classes that we've discovered during the lockdown.

For example, we’ve been able to involve more of our community of learners from around the UK and in other countries. We’ve been able to work face to face on detailed technical issues in a way that’s just not possible in a group class. And the convenience of having extra tuition sessions without having to travel has proved to be really useful for many people.

So I'm delighted to announce that we're going to continue indefinitely with additional Zoom sessions for all levels — every Wednesday during July and August, then every Thursday from September onwards.

These 'weekly Zooms' will allow us to introduce a much wider range of classes, including international guests we wouldn’t usually have access to, as well as scale practice sessions, repertoire classes, and muchmore.

You’ll get extra opportunities for mid-week practice ... without the need for extra travel! And we’ll be running many more beginner options online as well.

To make space for the weekly Zooms, we'll be changing the schedules of the Beginner Course options that we offer in Westminster during the week, so do check the info pages carefully before you enrol.

Coaching Program

One of the biggest changes we're making for 2020 is that ALL our course registrations will now be run centrally through the ViolinSchool Coaching Program.

This means that everyone on a Course, whether you’re learning remotely or in London, will now be able to complete a learning questionnaire, and develop a personalized learning plan as part of termly enrollment.

We already do this with all of our international learners, who learn through coaching calls and video reviews instead of the in-person classes.

It really helps with providing clarity and accountability to your learning, which in turn makes it much easier to complete your course and achieve your goals.

As a member of our London community, you’ll now benefit from the best of both worlds -- once you register, you'll update your learning questionnaire, then we'll help you prepare for the term ahead so that you know exactly what to practice.

New Courses, Curriculum and Course Books

During the lockdown, we've overhauled our entire program up to and including Level 5 (that's roughly the equivalent of Grade 5 at any of the major exam boards).

Caroline, Leo and I have spent months updating our Courses, and I'm thrilled to announce that each one now comes with an entirely new, activity-based full-colour Coursebook, which will be sent out to you by mail before the start of term in September.

We've painstakingly refined the sequence of our curriculum, and I'm confident that from first-time Beginner through to Level 5, ViolinSchool now offers one of the most comprehensive, smoothly-sequenced and musically holistic violin courses anywhere in the world.

We’re also forging ahead with a new Teacher Training course this Summer at the Royal Irish Academy in Dublin, and once that’s launched, we’ll start work on advanced level courses too.

Saturday ViolinHubs in Pimlico

As restrictions are relaxed, we‘ll gradually re-introduce our Saturday 'ViolinHub' program at Pimlico Academy, and I'm delighted to share with you the news that David Worswick will be returning to join us on Saturday afternoons.

For Intermediate and Advanced players, David and I will be hosting an ever-changing program of Performance Classes, Ensemble Sessions, Guest Workshops and much more!

Instead of the Coaching Program, players of Grade 5 level and above will be able to join ViolinHub for the whole term with a great value Term Pass, or come week by week on a pay as you go basis.

The Term Pass will be available shortly before the start of term, once all the Covid-proofing and Health and Safety plans are properly in place, and our venue’s reopening plans are confirmed.

Enrol Today

Registration is now open for all our Courses via the Coaching Program, so when you're ready to enrol for the new term, select your experience level, then you'll be taken through to the right course page.

Remember, unless you're registering for a Term Pass, you'll no longer enrol on the course information page like you did before.

Instead, the course pages will link you through to the Coaching page, where you can select the course you'd like to join as part of the registration.


One final thing - we know that Coronavirus has had a very uneven impact on peoples' lives.

But if you've been hit negatively by the economic downturn, please whatever happens, don't let that stop you playing the violin - making music is going to be more important now than ever, as is having a meaningful connection to a strong musical community.

ViolinSchool doesn't have a large bursary fund and we’re used to operating on a shoestring. But wherever we can afford to, we'll always try to help with the cost of fees if there's a genuine need.

So please, do ask us for a bursary application if you otherwise wouldn’t be able to enrol for next term.

Any Questions?

If you have any questions about next term then please send us an email or give us a call.

But we'd also love to hear how you are, so please do get in touch - especially if you've not visited recently - and let us know how you're doing, and what you're up to!

We can't wait to welcome you back to our program of events as London starts to reopen.

So keep an eye on the blog and social media, look out for our emails, and we look forward to seeing you again soon!

- Simon

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