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Programme April to June 2019

What's a ViolinHub?

Who? Where? When? How Much?

ViolinHubs are usually led by Simon Hewitt Jones or David Worswick from ViolinSchool, or occasionally by a Guest Tutor.  They take place in Pimlico (or Victoria), London SW1.

ViolinHubs can be booked individually, or you can save money with a 'Term Pass' , which can be booked before the start of each term for unlimited access to all classes and events. Sessions start at £29 for members of ViolinSchool (active subscription required), or £39 for violinists without a current ViolinSchool membership. 

Some Guest Tutor / Special Topic classes and our Big Events (like our recent Violin & Wine day and 'ViolinBoat' river cruise!) are priced differently - see the online booking form for full details.

ViolinHubs run throughout most of the year on Saturdays when the Violin Orchestra is not in session.

Mmmm, Biscuits...

If you've been around ViolinSchool any length of time, you'll know we take our biscuits seriously! There's a proper break for tea-and-biscuits between the two afternoon ViolinHub sessions - a great opportunity to get to know your fellow violinists! (There's often a trip to the pub afterwards, too!)

ViolinHubs are our popular Saturday afternoon meetup sessions in London, where we creatively explore aspects of our violin playing. 

For 2019, we are programming a more varied selection of classes, including special events. Generally, ViolinHub sessions fall into one of four categories: Technical, Music (Ensembles / Repertoire), Performance, or Guest Event (featuring a guest tutor or specialist topic).

Technical Classes

Using the week's topic as a starting point, we work together through a series of warm ups and technical exercises, created according to each player's practice priorities.

We build up complexities of rhythm, bowing technique, sound production, scales... and much much more!

The first hour of the technical class will always be suitable for players of Curriculum Level 1 and above (i.e. anyone who has completed ViolinSchool Course C) up to advanced level.

The second hour will generally reach a more challenging technical level (Level 2/3 - 6/7), but our tutors ensure that each exercise has options suitable for both intermediate and advanced players to work on simultaneously.

Performance Classes

To get really good at performing, you need to practise! Bring along your (optional!) solo and play it to the class.

Get constructive feedback and practice tips on what to improve. Try out your solos before a concert or an exam - or just for fun!


The more you play in a group, the easier it becomes. And it's really enjoyable, too!

Each week, we look at a new piece of (multi-level) ensemble music together. Choose a part to learn in advance... or just turn up and sight-read the easier levels - it's up to you!

Summer Term 2019 ViolinHubs are led by either Simon Hewitt Jones or David Worswick, and take place in Pimlico (exact venue may change from week to week according to availability). Workshop Topics and Ensemble Repertoire are subject to change.

Save with a Term Pass!

Unlimited Classes & Events, All Term!

The ViolinSchool Term Pass gives you unlimited access to all New Year Term ViolinHubs, including the big end-of-term event on Saturday 30th March!

Booking each class individually would add up to more than £400 (£500 for non-members), but the Term Pass is £300 for members, and £400 for non-members.


in London!


Save with a Term Pass! Unlimited access pass for all sessions - see enrolment form for details!

 April to June 2019 

Save with a ViolinHub 'Term Pass'
Summer Term 2019 Booking Now Open!

Save with a TERM PASS - unlimited access to all sessions!

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Here's a video that Simon made about our 'Ensembles' sessions in 2017... it will give you a taste of what to expect in 2019! New ViolinHub will be an expanded version of these sessions... new video coming soon!


ViolinSchool's Saturday afternoon ViolinHub sessions are creative music meetups in Central London for violinists who have already reached an intermediate or advanced experience level.

Our 10-Week Programs run 3 times a year (when the Violin Orchestra is not in session), beginning in January, April and September. You can book classes individually, or save with a 'Term Pass' for unlimited access to all classes and events.

Technical, Ensemble & Performance Skills

Saturday ViolinHubs offer a varied mix of classes, workshops and repertoire sessions, all designed to  build up your experience and knowledge in three key areas: Technique, Music (Repertoire and Ensemble Playing), and Performance Skills. Our expanded programme for 2019 will include many different topics and class types, with options to suit a wide variety of interests and experience levels.

Experienced Tutors and Guest Tutors

Each ViolinHub sessions is led either by Simon Hewitt Jones or David Worswick from ViolinSchool, both of whom have many years of experience leading workshops and teaching learners of all experience levels. 

Our guest tutors are carefully selected to include performers with a proven track record of teaching and facilitating in a workshop environment, so we can guarantee learning sessions to be engaging, interactive and often transformational! Recent visiting tutors incude violinist Christian Howes and cellist Matthew Forbes, and further visits by guest tutors will be announced soon!

Upgrades to ViolinHub for 2019

If you're already a regular visitor to ViolinHub, you'll notice the following changes to our programme in 2019:

  • All classes and repertoire sessions will be programmed in advance 
  • Hubs will be extended by 1 hour until 6pm
  • Afternoons will be split into two separate sessions (2pm - 3.45pm, 4.15pm - 6pm) ... come to both, or just to one!
  • More guest tutors and special topic classes will be programmed
  • There'll be a broader range of classes and ensemble sessions, including topic-based technical classes, ensemble (repertoire) sessions, mini-clinics, and special guest-led workshops 
DateTechnique (2pm to 3.45pm)Ensembles (4.15pm to 6pm)
27 April 2019RhythmNimrod (Elgar)
04 May 2019Left Hand & Positions
Divertimento (Mozart)
11 May 2019Basic Jazz Grooves
Jazz Violin Selection
18 May 2019Performance
5th Symphony (Schubert)
25 May 2019Harmony
Sonata in E Major (Scarlatti)
01 June 2019Introduction to Folk Fiddle
Fiddle Music Selection
08 June 2019Performance
Orchestra Music Preview
15 June 2019The Violin Orchestra
The Violin Orchestra
22 June 2019The Violin Orchestra
The Violin Orchestra
29 June 2019The Violin Orchestra
The Violin Orchestra
06 July 2019The Violin Orchestra                      
The Violin Orchestra                              

Guest Tutors & Special Topics

As ViolinHub grows, we'll be inviting more guest tutors to come and teach their specialist topics - bringing world-class insights to the ViolinSchool community!

We carefully select and invite super-creative performers who are also great teachers. It's hard to find people who are great at both, but it's what brings a topic alive for all ages and experience levels.

Summer Concert Saturday 13th July 2019 - Save the Date!