ViolinSchool London | Performance
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ViolinSchool’s ‘ViolinHub’ Sessions run throughout the year on Saturday Afternoons when the Violin Orchestra is not in session.


We work together on technical, musical and performance topics, and play through large amounts of violin repertoire together, building up our performance and group playing experience.


Dates for New Year are now available on the booking form – click the button below to book!

The Violin Orchestra

The Violin Orchestra is a unique ensemble for every age and level of violinist. The Violin Orchestra’s repertoire is arranged exclusively for each project, so that there’s an ensemble part to suit the technical experience of any learner, whether that’s open strings, first position only or advanced.

We meet twice a year for two six-week projects, each culminating in a livestreamed concert (in early July and early December). Watch/read more about previous orchestra projects here, or pre-register for future projects.

Young Violinist Ensemble

During the Violin Orchestra projects, we run a Young Violinist Ensemble for learners under the age of 13 (violinists aged 14+ can join the full orchestra). In the future, we will be running further programs for Young Learners. Contact us for more details about our future programs!

Chamber Music Coaching

We offer a range of coaching and special courses for established chamber music ensembles, including trios and string quartets. Please get in touch with us to discuss your specific requirements and we will be happy to develop a coaching plan for your group.