Londoners: Here’s a Beginner Violin Course Which Gets You Playing Beautifully in Only 10 Short Weeks!
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The Tutors for Course A, B and C in Summer Term 2021 will be: 

Simon Hewitt Jones (Wednesday A, Saturday - All Courses)
& David Worswick (Saturday - All Courses)

assisted by Marisol Hillier

What They Say

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Reading Music

Note reading is a essential tool for



You are about to discover how it’s possible to play your favourite pieces beautifully on the violin in just 10 short weeks...

....Even if you’ve never held an instrument and can’t read a single note of music.

It sounds extraordinary, I know!

But that's exactly what happens every single term at ViolinSchool.

Whatever your age, let me show you how it’s possible to start playing violin beautifully in the quickest possible time.’ - Simon Hewitt Jones, Director of ViolinSchool


Covid-19 Update: We are reopening our London school from 17th April 2021. All London Courses will run as normal in the 2021 Summer Term, with distancing and covid-secure restrictions in place. All ViolinSchool courses are now offered as 'hybrid' digital and offline sessions, so you always have the option of attending via Zoom.


+44 (0) 20 3051 0080

Any Questions? [email protected]

If you’ve always longed to play the violin, but worry that you’ve 'left it too late', then prepare to amaze yourself...

Next courses begin Week of 19th April 2021.
Enrol by: Monday 19th April 2021

Late enrolments possible until 4th May, subject to availability

And here's a performance of Beethoven's Ode to Joy by players from our 'B' and 'C' classes, who'd been learning for just 20 weeks...

My name is Simon Hewitt Jones, and I passionately believe in the transformative power of music.
I've been playing the violin since I was a child, but I'm still in awe of how its sound transforms how people feel.
It seems amazing that a simple wooden box can move people in such profound ways!
If you’ve always dreamed of playing violin, I’m willing to bet that you have felt its emotional impact yourself.
You heard someone playing and wondered, ‘What if I could do that too?’
One of the most fulfilling things for me and my fellow teachers at ViolinSchool is meeting new students like you, who possess this burning desire to play the violin...
... because I know that all we have to do is remove the obstacles and barriers that stand in your way!
It’s why so many of my students have excelled within months of joining ViolinSchool. Here are some their stories:

Whatever your age...whatever your skill level...

...YOU have the inbuilt ability to do this!

It’s startling what can happen when you let yourself succeed... when you put aside any limiting beliefs, and give yourself the opportunity to try the violin.

That's exactly what BBC presenter Julian Marshall experienced, when I showed him how to play a simple melody on the violin - live on BBC Radio...

Come and Join the Beginner Violin Course!

ViolinSchool's Beginner Violin Course will get you playing comfortably and confidently on the violin, so that you can start playing pieces of music straight away.

Every session of the course is really PRACTICAL. Through a comprehensive series of exercises, you'll learn how to apply all the techniques in the way that works best for you.

After 10 weeks, you'll be able to play your favourite melodies with a beautiful sound, and perform to others with clarity and confidence.

You'll also learn the basics of playing violin with other people -- so you could even join in with the next Violin Orchestra!

Most importantly, by the time you finish the Beginner Violin Course, you'll have started to build up really strong technical habits that will set you up for whatever you want to achieve with your violin playing.

We'll help you to put together a personalised learning and practice plan, that will give you a clear map to help you realise your goals.

Here's a video we published before our first Beginner Course in Autumn will give you a taste of what to expect in 2021!

Booking Now Open for Course A, Course B and Course C!

Term Begins 19th April 2021.
Final Enrolment Date: 20th April. Late enrolments possible until 4th May if availability allows.


The Beginner Violin Course is running for 10 weeks between April and July 2021. Courses run on Saturdays in Pimlico, and Course A is also available on Wednesday evenings in Westminster. All classes are also relayed online (live and as replays).

Summer Show - Save the Date! - Saturday 10th July

Save the Date! - On Saturday 10th July 2021 there will be a performance to round off the Summer Term, where participants from all courses will be invited to give their first group performances!

The performance will also be livestreamed, so that you can share your performance with friends and family wherever they are in the world, and with your fellow international students (who will be learning remotely with you at ViolinSchool). This will be your chance to invite your friends to celebrate what you've achieved, and receive a certificate for successfully completing the course!

Missing a class? If you're booked onto the Saturday course but need to come on a Wednesday one week, or vice versa, then we'll do our very best to fit you into the other class if space allows.



Our Wednesday venue is Westminster City School in Victoria (Victoria Tube/Rail).

Our Saturday venue is Pimlico Academy on Lupus Street in Pimlico. (Pimlico Tube, or direct bus from Victoria station).

Please note: ViolinSchool's office and lesson studio is based elsewhere in Victoria - we will be at these venues only on tuition days!


From September 2020, every enrolment on the ViolinSchool Beginner Course includes a gorgeous full-colour Coursebook, created ESPECIALLY for this course by the team at ViolinSchool.

Each page takes you through a series of activities that build up your intuitive skill as well as your understanding. First you do, then you repeat, then you understand.

The books are the printed versions of our online courses, so every lesson is available to you in the format you want - print, online, downloadable PDF, interactive digital music player, and backing track.

The books are printed by one of the world's leading specialist music printers, on proper cream-coloured music paper, which is easy to read (and won't fade - these books are built to last!)


For Summer Term 2021, the A, B and C courses will be presented by Simon Hewitt Jones (Wednesday & Saturday), Marisol Hillier (Thursday Practice Sessions on Zoom), and David Worswick (Saturday). Learning Support is also available throughout the week by phone or email, if required.

To give everyone enough personal support and attention, we always work to a maximum ratio of 8:1 in the room (slightly higher for Zoom sessions because the type of interactions are different).

Our courses are extremely comprehensive and each topic is carefully explained during the class. But you feel you need any extra coaching with any of the topics that we cover, then you can buy extra credits for Coaching Calls (Skype/Zoom) or Learning Reviews (send in a video, we send back an updated practice plan and personalised guidance).

In-Person coaching and tuition is also available outside of ViolinSchool at Simon and David's studio at 15 Palace Street, Westminster.

All ViolinSchool courses are now offered in a fully 'blended' format, and the sequence of the in-person Beginner Violin Courses and the online learning work together.

This allows you to use the eLearning tools to help you revise and practise the topics between classes, to make the best possible progress.

Your registration includes free ViolinSchool Membership until the end of August 2021, so you can access and download all resources from both the ViolinSchool Online Library and our Online Courses. As part of your enrolment, you'll have access to:

10x In-person group classes in London
The online version of the course (self-paced online lessons)
Weekly Practice Sessions via Zoom
A Printed Coursebook and Welcome Pack
All Digital Library Resources
All Class & Course Replays
All Online Zoom Special Events and Webcasts
End of Term Concert on Saturday 27th March 2021

You can also buy additional credits for Video Reviews or 121 Coaching Calls, whenever you need extra support.


Take a moment to meet your tutors here...

All Courses

Simon, Director of ViolinSchool, can be heard frequently on TV and Radio and has performed in every type of setting as a violinist, from recording sessions at Abbey Road to broadcasts on BBC Radio and across many different styles and genres.

Zoom Classes, Course D

David, Head of Learning at ViolinSchool, has performed around the world as a first violinist of the London Symphony Orchestra, appearing in most of the world's greatest concert halls with many of today's most renowned conductors and soloists.


~ Course A ~

There are quite literally NO prior requirements to take part in Course A! You don't even need to read music, as we cover the basics of note reading as part of the program.

You WILL need your own violin for the course, although if you haven't yet got one, you can borrow an instrument from us during weeks 1 and 2. You will need your own violin and bow, ideally from about week 3 onwards, so that you can practise between the classes. (Our free online 'How To Get Started With The Violin' course will help you discover how to find a violin that's right for you).

~ Introductory Beginner Classes & Lessons ~

You can start straight away with Course A, and many people do. But if you'd prefer to get to know our teaching style first, or if you have lots of questions, or if you're unsure about whether the violin is right for you, then we recommend starting with our popular
2-session Violin Fundamentals Class which now runs weekly, every Thursday via Zoom (an in-person London version is also available here).

The Beginner Class is very similar to weeks 1 and 2 of the 10-Week Course, and it will give you a taste of how ViolinSchool works, and a chance to meet your tutor(s) before enrolling.

Alternatively, you can schedule a 20-minute setup call, before the course begins. This gives us an opportunity to meet and talk through your goals, and be sure that the Beginner Course is right for you. Just get in touch with us at [email protected] and we can fix a time that suits your schedule!

But remember, if you can't get to a lesson or class in advance of the main course, that's no problem, as we'll cover (and consolidate!) all of the Beginner Class topics in plenty of detail during the first few weeks of the main course.

~ Is the Beginner Violin Course right for me? Which Course - A, B or C? ~

Before joining the Beginner Violin Course, you'll want to to be sure that the level is exactly right for you. Here are some of the answers to questions we get asked most frequently!

Q: I've never played before - will I still be able to join the Course?

A: Yes - Course A is designed especially for you! If you've quite literally never played a violin, or haven't learnt a musical instrument before, then we recommend coming to a 2-hour Beginner Violin Class beforehand, we'd recommend it.

Q: I'm a beginner but I've had a few lessons / learnt a bit on YouTube / have been playing for a few months. Which course is best for me?

A: Probably Course A, but possibly Course B - it really depends on what topics you've already covered and how secure your 'fundamental' techniques (such as posture and bowing arm) already are. The best thing is to give us a call on 020 3051 0080 (or email us and we'll arrange a time to speak), to talk through where you've got to and what the best approach would be.

If you are joining Course B but are new to ViolinSchool, we would usually suggest taking a 1.5-2hr personal coaching session first, so that Simon or David can understand your current experience level and make sure nothing is missing from your fundamental techniques.

Q: I used to play the violin as a child but I want to start again. What should I do?

A: The Beginner Violin Course is ideal for people who want to restart violin playing after a long time away. Your rhythm and pitch knowledge will all be there! But you'll need to build up your technical movements once again.

Most 'restarting' violinists begin with the Beginner Violin Class (Online or In London), followed by the Beginner Violin Course A. But if you achieved a level equivalent to at least ABRSM (exam board) Grade 3 or above on the violin, then you may wish to join us for Course B. The best thing is to give us a call on +44 (0) 20 3051 0080, and we'll talk you through the options!



All classes will vary slightly because we constantly update the curriculum, topics and repertoire to keep things fresh ... and each teacher has their own style!

That said here's an overview of the topics you can expect to cover in each of the 3 Beginner Courses. Start with Course A, and go from there!


Topics include:

Finger Numbers - First Finger Notes - Sight-Reading - Duets - Writing Rhythms - Minims (Half Notes) - Dotted Minims - Semibreves (Whole Notes) - Key Signatures - G Major - 2nd & 3rd Finger Notes - D Major - A Major - Lines & Spaces - Tonic Solfa - Double Stops - Slurs - Scales - G, D and A Arpeggios - The 4th Finger - Finger Pattern 1

Repertoire includes:

Bear Dance - Twinkle Twinkle - Jungle Footprints - Tapping Up and Down - Have a Cup of Tea - Mind the Gap - Conker Fight - Jungle Blues - Do as I Do - Happy Birthday - Pterasaurs Soaring High - Waltzing Grizzalo - The Cuckoo - Big Black Beetle - The Buffoons - Pumpkin Pie - Bach Minuet Duet


Topics include:

G, D and A Major Scales - Dotted Rhythms - Triplets - Sight-Reading - Slurred String Crossings - Harmonics - Bow Division - Trills - Double Stops - Rests - Intervals o the Major Scale - The Dotted Crotchet - Finger Pattern 2 - Second Finger Notes Bb, F, C, G - Accidentals - G Major, 2 Octaves - C Major - Dominant 7ths on G, D, A - The Dotted Quaver - Major and Minor - F Major

Repertoire includes:

Vivaldi Autumn - Pirate Ship - Lightly Row - Lullaby - Fly High Pterodactyl - Ode to Joy - Riddle Dance - Peasant's March - Air by Handel - Stamping Dance - Cradle Song - Rigaudon - Cockles and Mussels (Molly Malone) - Brahms Lullaby - Waltzing Matilda - Kalinka - Mr Susato's Saltarello - I Like the Flowers


Topics include:

G Harmonic Minor - Intervals of the Harmonic Minor - D Harmonic Minor - Vibrato - A Harmonic Minor - Chromatic Notes - Time Signature 6/8 - Finger Pattern 3 -A Major 2 Octaves - E Major 1 Octave - Slurs: 6 in a Bow - B Major 1 Octave - Spiccato Bowing - A, E, B Harmonic Minor - Finger Pattern 3 (From Bb) - Bb Major 1 Octave - Eb Major 1 Octave - The Circle of Fifths - Dominant 7ths on A, E and B

Repertoire includes:

My Turn Next Time - To The Greenwood - Rock ’n’ Roll Rondo - Stomping Dance - Basse Dance - Loch Lomond - Quicker, Quicker Caterpillar - Riddle Song - Largo from the New World - The Irish Washerwoman - English Country Garden - Spinners' Waltz 0 Spiccato Race - Rieding, Theme from Concerto in B Minor - Rumbango - Chanson Triste - Skaters Lullaby - Brother, Come And Dance With Me - Handel Minuets 1 and 2 - Waltz by Mozart (Duet)




What comes after the Beginner Course?

After completing Beginner Course A, you can move on to Courses B and C, and later to our Intermediate courses. But you'll be able to take part straight away in one of the many playing opportunities we offer at ViolinSchool.

One of the great things about playing the violin is that there are SO many possibilities for making music together with others... and by the time you complete the Beginner Violin Courses, you'll be able to do just that!

To help you build up your playing experience, we run a program of Workshops and Events throughout the year, including our popular twice-annual Violin Orchestra, for you to enjoy making music together with others.

The Violin Orchestra

You'll be able to take part in The Violin Orchestra as soon as you've finished the 10 week course. So if you want to, you can get stuck in straight away to some serious music making!


ViolinHub is our popular series of Saturday afternoon open sessions for intermediate and advanced players. It's a great opportunity for anyone on Course C or above to begin expanding their playing experience. Each week we begin with some technical warm ups, then we work on performance skills including an opportunity for people to play solos and build up their performance experience. The rest of the session is repertoire led, with a broad range of ensemble music to play and explore together.

The music we play at ViolinHubs often finds its way into our twice-annual concerts, which take place in July and December. So come along and be part of the fun!


Applying What You've Learnt

ViolinSchool's Beginner Violin Course in London will not only give you the knowledge you need to succeed with the violin, but help you to APPLY that knowledge in a way that works for you.

1) Confidence & Accomplishment

From the very first session, you'll build up your confidence as you begin to learn the core techniques, and before long you'll feel a tremendous sense of accomplishment as you start to generate the sound you want... reliably and consistently!

2) Expression

You'll be able to play the music you want to play, and express emotion to others in a powerful way.

3) Social

It's also a lot of fun - social learning is a big part of ViolinSchool, and you'll get to meet other musicians who'll be sharing the journey with you as you set off into the wonderful world of the violin!


If you've already taken part in our Starter Course then you'll know how surprisingly quick and rewarding your learning can be, especially when you learn exactly the right things in exactly the right order!

You'll also have experienced the power of building good habits from the very beginning of your first session and this, as you'll see later in the course, afffects EVERYTHING!

We spend an enormous amount of time monitoring and refining the sequence of our curriculum. It's one of the things that sets ViolinSchool apart from other schools - we thoroughly back up our programs with a detailed underlying academic understanding of how we do what we do, tailored perfectly to the age, experience level, and learning preferences of each learner.


Availability of places is limited, because we cap the class sizes at a maximum ratio of 8:1, to be sure that everyone has enough personal attention. So if you know that you'd like to join the course, let us know as soon as you can.

If you like, you can reserve your place for a deposit of just 
£150 (with the balance due 2 weeks before the start of the course). Or if you would like to pay in instalments, just ask.



The course fee is £350, which includes your printed Coursebook and all digital resources. Alternatively, we can confirm your place with a deposit of £150, and payment by instalments is also possible.

We now include full ViolinSchool membership with your course registration (usually USD$39/month), so you have full access to our digital courses and library during your course. You can explore the digital library here!

Here's a quick reminder of what you'll be getting as part of the Beginner Violin Course:

A Weekly 90 minute class
Direct support from Simon, David, and Marisol during the course
All printed music and class resources
Full membership of ViolinSchool eLearning until August 2021 (usually $39/month)
Supplementary digital resources for revision and home practice 

Guarantee: The ViolinSchool Promise

Your happiness is our first priority, so the Beginner Violin Course is fully guaranteed.

If for *any* reason you decide that the Course isn't right for you, then just let us know after the first session, and we'll refund you in full.


We only have a limited number of places available for each class, and courses often sell out. So if you know you'd like to enrol, then click the button below to reserve your place!

If you have any questions, just give us a call or send us an email. We're here throughout the week, and will be delighted to answer any questions you may have!

We look forward to seeing you soon at ViolinSchool!

Here's a recent  'debut performance' by a group of learners who completed the 10-Week Beginner Violin Course A in London...
You could be doing the same in just 10 weeks!

Registration Now Open! Enrol today - term starts week beginning 19th April 2021!


Since before the Covid-19 pandemic began, all of ViolinSchool's classes are relayed via Zoom and recorded for replay, giving you the ultimate flexibility ... whether you attend in-person every week, or combine some in-person classes with some remote learning.

You'll also have access to our popular Weekly Practise Sessions every Thursday, when you can get together with your tutor and other learners live on Zoom, and practise everything that you've learnt in class.

So it's no longer an issue if you have to miss a week due to illness, travel, or a delayed train! Just log in from anywhere and take part via Zoom ... or if you can't, then catch up later using the video replays!

Now this 'blended learning' approach has become normal, we're committed to maintaining it into the future ... not only is it more convenient and flexible than traditional classroom-only learning, but we strongly believe it helps you achieve better results as well!

The Beginner Violin Courses also run offline at our school in London, UK. Click here to read about the Beginner Violin Course in London!

You see, you don't need to start learning as a child in order to play the violin brilliantly.
In fact, it’s never too late for you to start ... you can achieve amazing results at any age!
And I can help you prove it to yourself. Let me explain how it works...

10 Weeks To Performance Success!
Here's What We Did Last Term..

In December 2020, we came together in Central London (Waterloo), for a performance by all the ViolinSchool Courses and the Violin Orchestra. 
Check out our Big Christmas Show, below!

And in July 2020, we couldn't run our Summer Concert indoors because of the pandemic, so we went for a walk instead ...




  • Violin Fundamentals (included FREE with all Beginner courses - details here) - 60 minutes
    10:45 (San Francisco), 13:45 (New York), 18:45 (London), 20:45 (Jerusalem), 23:15 (New Delhi)
  • Level 1 (Course A) - 90 minutes
    12:00 (San Francisco), 15:00 (New York), 20:00 (London), 22:00 (Jerusalem), Thurs 00:30 (New Delhi)


  • Level 1 (Course A)
    09:00 (San Francisco), 12:00 (New York), 17:00 (London), 19:00 (Jerusalem), 21:30 (New Delhi)
  • Level 1 (Course B)
    10:00 (San Francisco), 13:00 (New York), 18:00 (London), 20:00 (Jerusalem), 22:30 (New Delhi)
  • Level 2 (Course C)
    11:00 (San Francisco), 14:00 (New York), 19:00 (London), 21:00 (Jerusalem), 23:30 (New Delhi)
  • Level 2 (Course D)
    12:00 (San Francisco), 15:00 (New York), 20:00 (London), 22:00 (Jerusalem), 00:30 (New Delhi)
  • Special Classes (included FREE with all courses)
    13:00 (San Francisco), 16:00 (New York), 21:00 (London), 23:00 (Jerusalem), 01:30 (New Delhi)


  • Level 1 (Course A)
    09:00 (London), 11:00 (Jerusalem), 13:30 (New Delhi), 18:00 (Melbourne)
  • Level 1 (Course B)
  • 10:30 (London), 13:30 (Jerusalem), 15:00 (New Delhi), 19:30 (Melbourne)
  • Level 2 (Course C)
    07:30 (New York), 12:30 (London), 14:30 (Jerusalem), 17:00 (New Delhi), 21:30 (Melbourne)
  • Level 2 (Course D)
    06:15 (San Francisco), 09:15 (New York), 14:15 (London), 16:15 (Jerusalem), 18:45 (New Delhi)


Week of 24th May: Half Term (no classes)


Saturday 10th July: Time TBC - Live from London

? Saturday 7th August TBC: Time TBC - Live from Edinburgh